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When people first meet me, they usually ask if I'm Scottish or British because I like to mess with people and use a Scottish accent. I have trained for a while now to speak with one and can on a whim but I'm just saying, I am American, born and partially raised, not Scottish, British, or Irish (another one of my mess around favourites). I do however sometimes use terminology or spelling. So just deal w/ it.

I SUPPORT THE HOLIDAY CARD PROJECT!!! Holiday Card Project Stamp by Heidi

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"It's my timey-wimey detector. It goes ding when there's stuff!" - The Doctor; Doctor Who
"High-functioning sociopath. With your number." - Sherlock Holmes; Sherlock
"Well, don't think too hard. Wouldn't want you to hurt yourself." - Merlin; Merlin


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    “Full name please.”
    “Karen Diane Wood.” The blond-haired woman answering looked unsure of herself. Her interrogator jotted this down.
    “How would you describe yourself, Miss Wood?”
    “Dangerous? Secure. Positive? Interchangeable.” She fidgeted with the zipper on her jacket a bit.
    “You seem unsure of yourself, Miss Wood.”
    “Do I? It’s an old habit. Old habits die hard, don’t they?” She shifted her seating in the chair slightly. The light-complexioned woman sitting across from her eyed her oddly. “Pardon me. If you don’t mind me asking miss, what might your name be?”
    “I am not the one answering questions, Miss Wood.” Karen suddenly slammed her fists on the metal table, her emerald green eyes flashing in unrecognizable anger.
“I don’t care! What is your name?” she shouted.
    “Sophie Moss, Miss Wood. I am Sergeant Sophie Moss.” Karen’s expression changed into one of complete fear.
    “I...I am so sorry, Sergeant Moss. Are you alright? I don’t know what came over me.” Sergeant Moss gathered some of the scattered papers together. She fixed Karen with a hard glare, her hazel eyes glinting with confident command.
    “You killed a person Miss Wood. You murdered a man.”
    “Did I? Oh dear. Is that what they've come up with, your ‘detectives’? I swear, I didn't do it.”
“His name was Dominic Morgan, Miss Wood. He was a teacher at Kingsford Community School. He had a wife and three children.”
“Please, let me go? I didn't do it! Why don’t you believe me? I’m innocent!”
“Our evidence tells different, Miss Wood.” Sergeant Moss intertwined her navy blue painted fingers in front of her face with a frown. He white button-down creased a little as her arms shifted, her black dress pants moving as she crossed her right leg over her left. “So tell me Karen, why did you murder Mister Morgan?” Karen stood up and paced back and forth behind the chair she was sitting in a few seconds prior.
“I don’t think I did? I didn't! Or did I? I wouldn't! Or would I?”
“Miss Wood, please sit down!” Karen rounded on Sergeant Sophie Moss so abruptly, she would have toppled over if it had not been for the chair she was tightly gripping onto.
    “I don’t need to! Why are you doing this Sergeant? I’m not at fault here! But everything always has to be my fault, doesn't it? Dominic thought everything was always my fault! Is that why I hated him? Maybe I did kill him! Who knows? I don’t! Why would I know? No...I did do it! Wasn't it I who always brought him his lunch in the mornings? I loathed him! Oh, I hated him, didn't I? Hated him to the core! Maybe that’s what drove me to get rid of him? Or maybe, just maybe, it was the way he looked at me, as if I was the one to blame for everything that went wrong in his life! What did I do? Nothing! What had I done? Absolutely nothing!” Sergeant Sophie Moss decided to end it all then and there, pulling her gun from its holster and firing it immediately. The confession she had gotten from Karen Diane Wood was all she needed. She stepped over the dead body as she watched the sanguine liquid ooze into a puddle around it. The lovely woven white jacket Miss Wood was wearing was gradually staining a dark red, the huge hole in her chest a definite sign that she would not have been able to survive the shot.
Before exiting the dim room, Sergeant Moss crouched in front of the lifeless body of Karen Diane Wood. Sergeant Sophie Moss dipped her index finger in the thick, dark red substance, glancing slightly over at the wall already splashed with blood. She moved herself over to the blackening grey wall and ran her finger over it, returning to the growing puddle every now and then to re-coat her fingers in more of the bloody paint. She repeated these actions until ‘Here Lies Karen Diane Wood’ was written in large, bold letters. Underneath her markings was another pair of words: ‘REVENGE’.
* * * * * * * * * *
Running a hand through her partially blood-stained auburn hair, Detective Rosalind James exited the cramped crime scene. She approached her partner, Marcus Mills, with a box of leather-bound journals. Her pale green eyes followed his almost fidgeting movements.
“Our victim isn't much of a talker Marcus. And she most likely won’t be. Not from what we can see from the writings on the walls, at least.” His head jumped up at the sound of her voice, curly wisps of jet black hair lightly brushing the tired sapphire eyes.
“Blimey Rosalind, what are you covered in?” He was referring to the fact that her light grey dress pants and jacket, along with the violet blouse she was wearing were smeared in the dark reddening dye.
“The blood of a psychopath, Marcus. Specifically, the blood of Miss Clara Grace Shaw, who believed herself to also be a woman named Karen Diane Wood, as well as a Sergeant named Sophie Moss, and a man named Dominic Morgan, who apparently went missing a few weeks ago. Must have gone completely mad, the poor girl, because she ended up cutting her left thigh and then shooting herself clean in the chest.”
“How do you know?”
“The evidence. How else?” She shook the box a little, the books rattling together. “She’s also got journals. She’s been writing in them for years now. Most of the things she wrote about happened in her mind, of course.”
    “So she was...all three of those people?” Rosalind nodded. “Freaky.”
“Ought to be a series of books, her journals. Sort of sounds like a series from what she wrote in them.” Marcus gave a small snort.
“Come on Rose, don’t muck about. A journal turned into a book? How do you come up with this stuff?” The look she gave showed how serious she really was.
    “I don’t. But Clara did. Here.” She handed Marcus one of the small blood-splattered, leather-bound books, which he immediately saw the front cover of. In tiny, curling gold letters, it read, ‘Double Identity’.
Double Identity (1)
Although this is a bit of a reposting, there's a few edits I made to this thing. I think, even though it's clearly too late for me to try, I'm going to submit this for NaNoWriMo, but I'm only going to try. I'm turning this into an actual novel now. I'm going to expand more on Marcus and Rosalind's characters, as well as add some new ones, like Marcus's younger sister, Rosalind's significant other, the Chief Inspector, and then some other characters that are in the works. Hopefully it turns out OK.
Zentangle Portrait (Angled) by heaven-is-lonely
Zentangle Portrait (Angled)
Angled photo of the completed Zentangle portrait I did of gamer-dragon for my A Level Art & Design class.
Zentangle Portrait (Close-Up 5) by heaven-is-lonely
Zentangle Portrait (Close-Up 5)
We have the left side of the neck and the right side. The shadow on the neck and the left side (from viewer's perspective) represent ambitious, and the right side of the neck represents tall. My best friend is tall, very tall. :P Makes him unique and literally stand out in a crowd. XD
Zentangle Portrait (Close-Up 4) by heaven-is-lonely
Zentangle Portrait (Close-Up 4)
Here's a close-up of the rest of the face (the chin and the mouth). Since this was an abstract piece, I was OK with the way the shadows and the contours were set out and the idea of putting patterns in them, but the actually laying the patterns out was weird for me. Obviously I got over it.
Zentangle Portrait (Close-Up 3) by heaven-is-lonely
Zentangle Portrait (Close-Up 3)
This is the part of the face where the majority of the face pattern was concentrated. It was the first set of pattern that I laid out and I totally knew, once I had finished it, that I was going somewhere with it. Then there's a bit of the hair, standing for ambitious.
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The information for this year's Holiday Card Project is out and I'm really encouraging everyone to join! As a member of my school's NAHS, I'm going to try and get the school to participate, but I tried it once when I was a sophomore and I got some people interested but it didn't work out too well. Hopefully, now that we have a whole student body, we'll be able to get more people involved.

But I definitely encourage you deviants to participate as well! I'm going to try making 5 different cards this year, versus the lone one that I made copies of for school and then sent in. :P I'm posting all of my cards on here, and then on any other social media that I have access to in between now and the 1st of December (which is when I'm going to be copying the cards and then distributing them at school.

Go forth and spread the holiday cheer, even though it's still early November and Thanksgiving hasn't even passed yet!!

I probably won't have any cards up until Monday , because I just got my printer set up and I have an entire art project I have to finish. If I'm confident enough and gamer-dragon is OK with it (since it's a portrait of his face), I'll post WiPs.


Word Art (Signature)
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Sherlock Holmes by heaven-is-lonely
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